Corporate purpose

The Garden of Light
Marie Curie
Agency: Hope & Glory

EY first embarked upon a purpose-driven transformation of its business in 2013 following the appointment of Mark Weinberger as chief executive

True corporate purpose is not a cosmetic branding exercise or marketing campaign but a commitment to understanding why you are in business

The Co-op has returned to its roots, bringing back it old name and logo, as it reconnects with its members and spells out what a cooperative means today

The old managerial style of ‘top down command and control’ does not work anymore. Enlightened organisations are listening to employee feedback

Drinks company Diageo has brought its values to life for its global workforce

The company archive is not a dusty repository but a vibrant source of information and inspiration

Companies are looking beyond simple philanthropy and are considering ways to share knowledge and expertise with charities to improve their operations