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When Liverpool won the bid to host the 67th Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of Ukraine, it could not have predicted the scale of the challenge

UCD Business Impact podcast
UCD Business Impact
Winner: Best in-house team corporate communications
CovidComms Awards Ireland

BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition
BT Ireland
Agency: Hanover Communications
Winner: Best online internal event
CovidComms Awards Ireland

Bright Sky App
Vodafone Ireland Foundation
Winner: Best use of social media or influencers
CovidComms Awards Ireland

Harris PR launches ‘Domino’s, We Got This’ brand platform
Domino’s Pizza
Agency: Harris PR
Winner: Editor’s Award
CovidComms Awards Ireland

Connected through Covid
Three Ireland
Agency: Drury
Winner: Best embodiment of corporate purpose
CovidComms Awards Ireland

Aldi’s Brown Bread Competition
Winner: Best campaign
CovidComms Awards Ireland

In 2018, market researchers Message House asked in-house communicators what they wanted from their agencies. In this article, Kelly Pinder provides a flavour of the findings which were shared at an event in September 2019