How a short video for Help for Heroes went viral

How a heartwarming video was watched by more than 125 million people

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This week's herogram goes to

The Co-Op's Dave Smith receives this week's herogram

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FTSE 100 organisations are not media friendly

Our exclusive research reveals a lack of detail for journalists to use


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Helen Dunne

RT @NHSMillion: We still haven't forgotten that @realDonaldTrump had the cheek to criticise our NHS; please read this really important mess…

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Helen Dunne

Americanese alert! Just read that Trump and Melania 'deplaned'... Why? Oh why? When disembark is such a lovely word. #savemefromthis

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Helen Dunne

RT @coopukpress: Our very own Dave Smith has been named as this week's @CorpCommsMag 'herogram' find out why here:…

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Helen Dunne

Have just seen a conference agenda with time scheduled for 'dialogue opportunity'. I think they mean questions.



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