Corporate Purpose Summit

29 June

9:00 AM

Online networking

Sign in early, enter our social lounge and pull up a ‘chair’ at any table to virtually network with fellow guests. Or simply flit around the tables, catching up with old friends or meeting new connections.

9.30 AM

The story of Aviva’s corporate purpose journey

Gillian McGill, former global internal and social communications director, Aviva, shares the story of how the insurance company recently refreshed its corporate purpose and values

10.30 AM

Purpose after the pandemic

Matt Carter, founder of Message House, presents new research on the impact of the pandemic on corporate purpose, and how perceptions of organisations have changed as the crisis developed

11.30 AM

How we lived our purpose during Covid-19

Maeve Atkins, external communications manager, Budweiser Brewing Group

Rupert Gowrley, director of corporate affairs, Bupa Group

Matt Carter, founder, Message House

Other panelists to follow

Moderated by Helen Dunne, editor, CorpComms Magazine

12.30 PM

How Marks & Spencer brought its purpose to life even though its shops were shut

Victoria McKenzie Gould, director of corporate affairs, Marks & Spencer in conversation with Helen Dunne, editor, CorpComms Magazine

1.30 PM

Pausing for lunch

The social lounge will remain open throughout so feel free to carry on ‘networking’

2.30 PM

The Reckitt Story

Reckitt went on a journey that led to a new corporate purpose, supported by its fight, Compass, a new brand identity and sustainability targets with a punchy ambition

Hear from Miguel Veiga-Pestana, head of corporate affairs and chief sustainability officer, Reckitt

3.30 PM

Purpose and the circular economy

DS Smith has a new corporate purpose, Redefining Packaging for a Changing World, which underpins its business strategy

Hear from Greg Dawson, head of corporate affairs, DS Smith

30 June

9.30 AM

An ambitious ten year plan for IHG Hotels & Resorts

Lessons from the pandemic led IHG Hotels & Resorts to tweak its ten year responsible business strategy: the end result is richer and very ambitious.

Hear from Yasmin Diamond, executive vice president global corporate affairs, IHG Hotels & Resorts

10.30 AM

Addressing our history

Greene King was founded in 1799 by Benjamin Greene, who received compensation when slavery was abolished in 1833. Unable to change the past, Greene King is actively working to champion diversity within the pub chain and its industry, and to support educational initiatives around slavery

Greg Sage, director of corporate affairs, Greene King, in conversation with Helen Dunne, editor, CorpComms Magazine

12:30 PM

Communicators as activists

As CSR evolves to organisational purpose and sustainability, brand activism can be seen as the ultimate landing place. But what does activism actually mean? Disruption is recognised as the face of activism, but what about influencing?

Can organisations be quiet activists or is a public CEO voice required? And how do you know whether it is right for your brand to be an activist?

Rebecca Sinclar, MD, audiences, brand and communications, Penguin Random House UK

Hilary Berg, responsible business adviser, Iceland Foods

Jelle Mul, senior marketing manager EMEA, Patagonia

Chaired by George Ames, director of client services, Forster Communications

1.30 PM

Pausing for lunch

The social lounge will remain open throughout so feel free to carry on ‘networking’

2.30 PM

Unleashing the full power of purpose

Creating a compelling purpose statement and creating engaging communications to launch it, are just two components needed to unlock the full potential that purpose offers. But to truly feel the benefits, purpose must be embedded across every element of the business.

Hear from Christine Crofts, founder of Kinetic Internal Communications, who will offer advice on what makes a purpose statement compelling, tips for engaging colleagues with your purpose and also how you can make it ‘live and breathe’ within your organisation to help colleagues find greater meaning in their work.

3.30 PM

BP’s journey to purpose driven employee advocacy

Hear from Danielle Jones-Hunte, head of employee advocacy, global, BP

4.30 PM

Putting employees on the board

Capita is one of the few FTSE companies to have invited employees to join its board as non-executive directors. They have now been in situ for more than a year.

Hear from Katja Hall, chief corporate affairs and marketing officer, Capita about the challenges, lessons learned and benefits from the initiative

1 July

9.30 AM

Engaging employees with purpose

When its We Are Weir philosophy failed to engage employees, Weir embraced inclusive capitalism by making every employee a shareholder in the engineering group

Hear from Weir Group’s chief people officer Rosemary McGinnis and head of engagement Innis Scott about the initiative

10.30 AM

Leaders of change

The corporate affairs function is adapting to lead organisational change in high stakes situations.

Esme Knight, head of corporate affairs, Costa Coffee

Kerry Parkin, director global communications, Zip

Other panelists to follow

11.30 AM

Why are we so afraid to talk about race?

New research from The Unmistakeables found that the people ‘diversity and inclusion’ is meant to support are those most likely to feel excluded from the conversations, while their colleagues are unsure of what they can and can’t say in the workplace

Asad Dhunna, founder of The Unmistakeables, talks to Helen Dunne, editor, CorpComms Magazine, about the report’s findings

12.30 PM

Listening to the right people

Traditions of top-down, broadcast style communications are no longer relevant for purpose-based organisations. To achieve the complex, multi-stranded sustainability goals that are being set, organisations need to actively involve their audiences with new co-creation and listening skills. Communications needs to explain, engage and include its audience as part of the change.

How can this be done and what examples can be learned from? How do corporate communicators help their C-suite to hear both the reality and ideas from the front line?

Matt Bell, director of corporate affairs, Grosvenor Group

Pia Hussfelt, business leader for IKEA global innovation, Inka Group

Steve Butterworth, chief executive, Neighbourly

Chaired by Amanda Powell-Smith, chief executive, Forster Communications

1.30 PM

Pausing for lunch

The social lounge will remain open throughout so feel free to carry on ‘networking’

2.30 PM

Why purpose must be aligned with strategy – and ultimately with profit

Too often the conversation about purpose is focused on the role of business in society. While this is a key element, truly purposeful companies have corporate purpose aligned with their business strategies and ultimately focused on profits

Panel discussion

Nigel Prideaux, director of corporate affairs, NatWest Group

Roger Barker, director of policy and corporate governance, Institute of Directors

Other panelists to follow

Moderated by Matt Young, co-founder, Apella Advisors