Winners 2023

Best use of video

Sodexo Shorts
Sodexo UK&I
Agency: Gallagher

French-owned Sodexo, which provides facilities management and catering services, employs more than 35,000 people across the United Kingdom and Ireland. It is a purpose-led organisation driven by strong societal values and is deeply committed to improving the lives of its employees. Indeed, its purpose is to create a better every day for everyone to build a better life for all.

Sodexo UK & I offers a wide range of benefits and rewards to employees, such as discounts in high street retailers, financial wealth and wellbeing advice, a weekly staff lottery and an online learning platform.

But with staff dispersed across more than 2,000 locations, mostly in frontline roles without access to a desk or corporate email, many people were not aware of just what was on offer. A new Employee Value Proposition (EVP) campaign was launched to improve colleagues’ understanding.

Agency Gallagher was commissioned to create a video series that captured the three pillars of Sodexo’s EVP: belong, act and thrive. It needed to capture short, intimate and authentic stories that positioned Sodexo benefits as having a positive impact on the everyday lives of its employees, while also highlighting the company as an employer of choice to potential recruits.

Speaking authentically to a diverse audience required finding the right people. Working with Sodexo, the agency invited colleagues to submit a short video answering a series of questions about their lives both in and out of work. After reviewing submissions, a short list was drawn up and the candidates were invited to attend an informal interview to share more of their stories.

Gallagher then storyboarded its vision for the series, which included scene setting and content flow. Each of the three videos would be capped at 60 seconds, with a 30 second trailer for all three. It worked with the video stars to ensure they felt comfortable in front of the camera and were able to tell their stories in the most engaging and authentic way. Each video captured their personalities.

Pam told how Sodexo had saved her, by recognising her talents and promoting her to a supervisory role, which gave her the confidence to leave a toxic relationship. Following training, she now manages 96 people.

Micha highlighted the wellbeing initiatives offered, including an app to encourage walking, which converts steps into ‘coins’ and ultimately vouchers, while Tim now has three bikes (despite the protestations of his wife) through its Cycle to Work scheme.

The judges loved the videos. ‘Pam’s was so powerful and got me emotionally. This is a test of a really powerful use of video,’ they said. ‘These were fantastic videos and wonderful storytelling, which made me want to know more about Sodexo. I immediately connected with the people and understood the purpose of the video.’