Winners 2022

Best corporate website
Legal & General
Agency: Wardour

Legal & General is a FTSE 100 company, one of the world’s top 20 asset managers and a leading player in managing retirement risk. For some time now, its strategy has focused on inclusive capitalism, whereby it protects customers’ financial lives and creates value for shareholders while simultaneously doing good for society.

Initially, the content relating to inclusive capitalism was hosted on a dedicated site, but in October 2021, the decision was taken to integrate this into a new corporate website as part of a major redevelopment, which moved the careers section – which drew around 9,000 views per month – to a new site.

The new website has been constructed to demonstrate how Legal & General embodies inclusive capitalism to benefit society. Its starting point focuses on the financial service company’s business model, and explains its investment strategy. For example, Legal & General invests in assets such as affordable housing and clean energy infrastructure, and uses these proceeds to pay pensions.

Creative agency Wardour also wanted to ensure that the content reflected how Legal & General makes a difference to people’s lives, particularly on a regional basis.

Taking a newsroom approach, Wardour creates content to support Legal & General’s long-term strategy and business model as well as producing reactive commentary on issues such as the cost-of-living crisis. All content is organised into six pillars, representing each of L&G’s growth drivers, and tracked using a content matrix.

In-depth articles, videos and animations are produced alongside press releases, providing more depth and context to corporate announcements. For example, the site includes a video showcasing Legal & General’s investment in the urban regeneration of Sheffield’s West Bar district and an animation demonstrating the impact businesses can have on public health by investing in employee wellbeing and initiatives to improve other aspects of their lives, such as financial literacy.

All content, including an illustrative feature on the UK’s ageing population, explain how the specific initiative relates to Legal & General’s inclusive capitalism strategy.

In the three months after the site’s launch in November 2021, visitor numbers were ten per cent higher than on the same period a year earlier, growing by more than 13,000 visitors, even though the careers section – which previously accounted for a large slug of traffic – had been removed. Unique visitors were also 20 per cent higher, up by more than 20,000, while the average dwell time rose to five minutes and 11 seconds.

The judges felt the website offered a clear vision of Legal & General’s business strategy, in an easy-to-understand, easy-to-navigate manner.