CorpComms Awards

Best use of video

Winner 2021
Governance transformation vote
PRS for Music
Agency: Next Rebel

PRS is a music royalties organisation owned by its members, and, as such, they all need to vote to make any changes to its structure. When an important vote on PRS’ governance model was due to take place during the middle of the pandemic, it was vital that members understood the significance of the change and went online to vote.

But, as the deadline loomed, it appeared that members were struggling to understand what the changes meant. This posed a major risk to the success of the campaign that could potentially undermine what was viewed as vital overhaul of the governance structure.

With just five weeks until the vote, agency Next Rebel was commissioned to craft an animated film that explained the changes and encouraged members to vote them through. It had to grab members’ attention from the outset and keep it until the final frame – a Call To Action encouraging online voting.

Using creative storytelling, the film elevated a simple informational tone with vivid illustrations, all sticking to the PRS’ recognisable colour palette. The short, 140-second film, started off by explaining that much had changed since the governance rules were first drawn up 20 years ago – with colourful images of cassette tapes, DVDs, iPods and downloads demonstrating the evolution of the music industry.

Indeed, the film consistently used music-based imagery to explain the changes and bring them to life for the organisation’s members. For example, the new structure of the PRS board, now known as the Members’ Council, was highlighted using the keys of a piano.

It simplified complex governance issues which, in some cases, seemed remarkably similar to the existing model, meaning Next Rebel had to really understand the issue.

Completed just short of two weeks ahead of the online vote deadline, the film was distributed by the PRS by email outreach, its website and social. It was supplemented by written content, downloadable presentations, and a dedicated hub on the website.