Corporate purpose

Tesco is recognised for its good work during lockdown

One in five people cite Tesco as a brand that has been doing the right thing during the Covid-19 crisis, ranking it higher even than the NHS, according to new research.

Indeed, seven supermarkets appear on the list of top ten brands, alongside the NHS, in second place, mobile phone company EE and Dyson.

The poll of 2,103 people conducted by research consultancy Message House revealed that two-thirds of people can name a company or brand that has resonated with them for doing the right thing during the lockdown.

The supermarkets have been praised for initiatives, such as supporting NHS staff, providing designated hours for vulnerable customers and helping people to social distance within stores.

Message House found that people praised companies for three main initiatives – their efforts to help and support the NHS and its staff, to help the public and also for how staff were being supported.

For example, EE’s message that it is providing free data for NHS staff has resonated – dominating initiatives by other telecom groups, with 69 per cent of all mentions – while Dyson is recognised for its work to manufacture ventilators.

Within the fast moving consumer goods sector, Scottish brewing company BrewDog, which switched to making hand sanitiser at its Aberdeen distillery, is most cited while McDonald’s has been recognised within the restaurant sector for putting staff first by closing its stores and donating food to the NHS.

Next, which was the first high street retailer to close its online operations to protect staff, is recognised by the public for this act, as is Home Bargains, which established a £30 million fund to support employees, while luxury brands Burberry and Barbour are praised for making PPE equipment.

Matt Carter, founder of Message House, said: ‘Not all those recognised by the public are big corporates. Almost two per cent of all responses said a local shop or service, whether that’s the local corner shop doing impromptu deliveries, or the petrol station shop that lets the village know when supplies are in.

‘They say people can really judge you from how you act in a crisis. In the case of many businesses and brands, this could provide a much-needed moment of reconnection with the colleagues and communities they depend on.’

Top ten companies

  • Tesco    19%
  • NHS    12%
  • Sainsbury’s    11%
  • Morrisons    9%
  • Asda    6%
  • EE    4%
  • Aldi     4%
  • Co-op     3%
  • Dyson    3%
  • Iceland    3%