Winners 2019

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Best Corporate PR Agency
Best Financial PR Agency

Last year’s Best Corporate PR Agency, Headland Consultancy has won the double this time around which surpasses even last year’s incredible accolades. Our 2018 survey found that one hundred per cent of Headland’s existing clients were ‘very likely to recommend’ the agency while an astounding 66 per cent of respondents familiar with the agency, but who did not use its services, said they were ‘very likely’ to recommend it.

No other agency came close to such feedback. Much was made of Headland’s ability to ‘become part of the team’ and the respondents to this year’s survey, conducted in association with Message House, were similarly enthusiastic.

They voted Headland Consultancy as winner in both categories but for different reasons.

When it came to the corporate PR category, respondents praised Headland for providing consistently innovative work which they described as ‘ahead of its time’. They were particularly admiring of its ‘highly intelligent and personable’ team that consistently provided a high standard of strategic counsel to a wide variety of clients over the year. As one respondent put it: ‘Whoever you need, whatever skillset you require, they pull it out of the bag.’

The determining factor in Headland’s success in the financial PR agency category was the team’s responsiveness, proactivity and the quality of its insights, which meant that they were able to help  clients ‘solve problems quickly and expertly’.

Such feedback marries well with Headland’s claim that it was built from scratch to challenge convention. ‘We never take an old solution out of the box, used a fixed template or a predetermined team,’ its website boasts. ‘Our clients get a nimble, purpose-built combination of specialists in financial and corporate communications, public affairs and campaigning.’