Winners 2019

Best consumer campaign

Samsung Mobile Couture,
Agency: FleishmanHillard Fishburn

With more than 2.5 billion smartphone users globally today, it could be described as ‘peak smartphone’ which is not good for the industry’s manufacturers, particularly so for the world’s largest mobile phone business Samsung.

Agency FleishmanHillard Fishburn was appointed to achieve three goals. It had to secure Samsung’s status as the leading innovator in the mobile market; position the Galaxy Note9 as the ultimate handset, thereby driving sales; and, three, move the conversation away from the tech trade arena by stimulating lifestyle conversations for its target audience.

This target audience was tagged ‘next generation achievers’, but defined as women under 35, whose lives had been shaped by the digital revolution but who were natural innovators who took inspiration from doing things differently.

But despite having ambitions to make their mark, FHF’s research revealed this audience often lacked single-minded focus, support and resource to bring their passions to life. The agency wanted to tap into their passions and frustrations and position the Galaxy Note9 as the way of bringing their ideas from life.

Parisian-born, London-based Auriele Fontan is a graduate from Edinburgh College of Art. She had been making her name as a sustainable fashion designer, with a focus on bio-design and circular economy, including zero-waste production, when she was approached with a proposition.

Samsung commissioned her to create the world’s first 90 per cent recycled and biodegradable couture collection, entirely designed and manufactured on its Galaxy Note9.

Fontan designed, cut, stitched and embellished a white Gladiator-style dress solely using her smartphone and simple robotics. The dress was introduced to the European media in Paris at a fashion show for media and influencers, prompting Wallpaper* to ask: ‘When such a small tool can now be used to direct the creation of a whole garment, who knows what else the future holds?’

The campaign generated more than 200 pieces of coverage in magazines, such as Vogue, Marie Claire and ELLE, and 13 million impressions. Fashion editor Hilary Alexander OBE also cited its innovation and importance during a fashion event at the House of Commons in November 2018.

Samsung’s Mobile Couture collection also showed at London Fashion Week in February 2019, launching Fontan’s career – she was named one of five global ‘Ones to Watch’. The campaign reframed how smartphones could be used now and in the future. It also delivered a 20 per cent increase in consumers who considered Samsung to be innovative.

But, more importantly, one million Samsung Galaxy Note9 devices were sold in 53 days and consumer demand was 40 per cent greater than for Note8.

The judges described the campaign as ‘an innovative way to incorporate the product into a new story’, adding: ‘Good idea. Well executed. Great results.’