Winners 2018

Best online annual report

Fuelling life journeys
Puma Energy
Agency: MerchantCantos

Majority owned by Singapore’s Trafigura, oil company Puma Energy operates in 49 countries across five continents. It views itself as a disruptor brand making a real difference to its customers and the communities in which they operate. It is no surprise, therefore, that when it came to corporate reporting, Puma Energy wanted that to be a bit disruptive too.

The company appointed MerchantCantos to create a digital journey that told the story of 2017, a significant year in the company’s history. Challenging the traditional print-led approach to reporting, Puma Energy wanted a digital-first report in its entirety that was visually rich in experience.

Content was taken from the annual report and tailored for online use, with additional animation and video to enhance the experience.

The report, which starts with Let us take you on a journey, first runs through Puma Energy’s key statistics with a rotating 3D globe highlighting its locations around the world. Users scroll vertically across the screen, but at the start of a new section, the screen is ‘hijacked’ and begins to move horizontally throughout the experience.

Each section – What makes us unique, Around the world, Fuel quality – carries short, pithy statements highlighting facts and achievements while boldly displayed figures indicate unusual facts, such as the 143,000 hot dogs sold every month in Central America through Puma Energy’s retail sites. Apparently static imagery spring to life as videos as users scroll along the report.

The online report’s content has also been repurposed for social media, and amplified across additional marketing channels. A looped screensaver version of the report is displayed in Puma Energy offices worldwide.

The company produces 300 printed annual reports each year, and set itself a target to match that figure in online views. This was achieved within five days.

‘A beautiful report, with a very good use of images and design to bring the strategy and numbers to life,’ said the judges. ‘Visually arresting.’