Winners 2017

Best annual report – FTSE 250 organisation

The Power of Agility - Annual Report 2017
N Brown Group
Agency: Sampson May

N Brown has enjoyed rapid change in recent years as it transformed from a mail order business to an online fashion retailer. Last year, its annual report was entitled The Power of Transformation and it focused on the structural changes the business was going through.

But this year all the elements are in place, and N Brown was keen to reveal the impact of these changes. Its annual report, now entitled The Power of Agility, clearly communicates the benefits derived from being an agile, flexible, online retailer.

It opens with four impactful feature spreads, which expand on the theme without blinding the reader with too much science. In-depth analysis is provided later in the report. With layouts that also showcase products from the retailer’s range, they explain how data is now being used to deliver the right products at the right price; how partnerships with other retailers has strengthened its customer proposition; and how it has reduced its lead time from seven weeks two years ago to just seven days for repeat stock.

In keeping with its new agile strategy, the annual report has also been given an overhaul. Previous reports covered the statutory reporting requirements but did little else from a brand communications perspective. The latest report delivers more reader-friendly content, and has a different look, feel and tone of voice.

It clearly showcases the four strategic drivers of growth – product, price, people, place – and aligns them with delivery, relevant key performance indicators and associated risks. It has also improved its governance reporting, enhanced the risk disclosures aspects and followed best practice guidelines.

The judges felt the report told N Brown’s story well, and – more than that – displayed its products and people in an engaging way. ‘This was a good looking document which was easy to read,’ they said. ‘It had nice photography and well laid out, strong messaging.’