Winners 2016

Best online publication

Coca-Cola Journey GB
Coca-Cola Great Britain
Agency: Sticky Content

What is the future of corporate publications, asked the judges. Coca-Cola Journey GB might just be it. The online publication is a local edition of Coca-Cola Journey, which launched in America four years ago, taking its name from a quarterly internal magazine that was published between 1987 and 1997.

It is not a corporate website, rather a content-driven hub that marries corporate content, such as press releases and vacancies, with editorial that brings to life the Coca-Cola story. For example, in the run up to the festive season, the magazine covers stories about the iconic Coca-Cola Christmas truck, including interviews with the first member of the public to drive one, and their history since launching in 1995.

There are also interviews with fans of Coca-Cola memorabilia, including Daniel Morris, whose ambition is to collect every single shrink-wrapped bottle Coca-Cola has ever made (his collection currently stands at around 9,000), and stories about the first Coca-Cola Collectors Fair in London.

But there are also stories about Coca-Cola’s corporate responsibility work, including case studies on ParkLives, its annual six month-long programme of fun activities, and infographics on how FareShare, the charity it supports, redistributes surplus food to those in need. The site relies on a range of innovative tools, such as interactive infographics, immersive galleries and polls.

Its content creation and strategy is also driven by real-time consumer feedback from Facebook focus groups, while in-house experts write blogs to answer and address customer concerns. Video also plays an important role in the magazine, ranging from ‘how to’ tutorials to interviews with film stars and consumer vox pops. The small editorial team, using a clear set of guidelines and a unique tone of voice, strive to give Coca-Cola Journey GB a distinct identity, transforming the way the company communicates.

Since its launch, the publication has generated almost 12 million impressions on social media, including three million video views. And in one year, generated almost six million page views and 2.7 million unique users, 16 per cent of whom return to view more content.

‘This is a truly content driven strategy,’ said the judges. ‘And if content is the future, then this is an interesting example.’