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CorpComms Magazine, in association with market research company Message House, has launched a major survey to rank the UK’s corporate and financial PR agencies according to a range of criteria, including quality of advice, strength of journalist contacts and value for money.

The survey, which is being sent to in-house communicators, is designed to understand the qualities that clients look for when choosing an agency.

But it also asks respondents to select those agencies that they feel have performed exceptionally well this year. The top agencies in both categories will be announced at the CorpComms Awards on 29 November.

The survey represents the launch of a long-term initiative to create rankings of agencies that go beyond simply measuring their annual earnings. It is hoped to ultimately provide meaningful data that will help clients make appropriate decisions and to separate perception from reality.

Helen Dunne, editor of CorpComms Magazine, explains: ‘The only rankings available are based on annual revenues, which tell clients very little about the reality of working with an agency. We are often asked who the good agencies are, but the answer will differ depending on an individual client’s requirements. We hope to gain some insights which will help with the decision-making process.’

The survey should take no longer than ten minutes to complete. Respondents will be entered into a draw to win one of five pairs of tickets to the CorpComms Awards on 29 November.

To participate, simply click on the following link.