Which emojis are suitable for the pandemic? Article icon


‘Face with medical mask’ and ‘Microbe’ are the most popular medical emojis being used in messages about the Coronavirus or COVID-19, according to a new blog by reference site Emojipedia, the undisputed home of emoji meanings.

More than 40 per cent of tweets about the pandemic which included a health-related emoji, went for the Microbe, which has never been so popular since its approval in 2018. A third opted for the Face with medical mask.

But ‘Face with tears of joy’ remains the most popular emoji when it comes to mentions of coronavirus and COVID-19 on Twitter, closely followed - rather bizarrely - by ‘Rolling on the Floor Laughing’.

Emojipedia collected and analysed more than 200,000 tweets across multiple languages between 7 and 8 March, which referenced either ‘coronavirus’ or ‘COVID-19’, in order to determine which emojis are most popular in discussions of this topic.

In third place came ‘Face with Medical Mask’, fourth was ‘Thinking Face’ while Microbe was in fifth place.

The pandemic has prompted an increase in the use of emojis, such as Red Circle, Police Car light and Warning, which were not viewed as popular before the outbreak.  Highlighting the international nature of the pandemic, the most popular flag emojis were - in order - Italy, China, United States, France and Spain.

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Image source: Emojipedia