Traffic wardens more trustworthy than bankers Article icon


One in two people trust traffic wardens but only three in ten have the same view of bankers, a new survey has revealed.

However, the level of trust in bankers is almost four times greater than that of politicians, who are trusted by just eight per cent of people.

The survey, which was conducted for MHP Communications by Populus to mark the tenth anniversary of the financial crash, asked more than 1,000 people to rank six professions. It revealed that lawyers, at 65 per cent, are the most trusted profession, against estate agents (23 per cent) and journalists (22 per cent).

But the findings also revealed that the reputation of the financial services sector is improving. More than half (53 per cent) of those polled have a positive view of the sector, while a whopping 89 per cent held their own bank in high regard.

The survey indicated, however, that not all financial services are equal. Fewer than one in five people are positive about asset management, 14 per cent about venture capital and only eight per cent rate fintech. Just one in 20 people have a positive view about pay day loans. Such disparities could indicate a lack of understanding of the function of each sector. Six in ten people (59 per cent) had no view about the reputation of asset management while 87 per cent were ambivalent about fintech. 

Mike Robb, head of financial services at MHP Communications, said: 'The lack of understanding about what specific sectors do is holding back the development of a positive reputation. Asset management and private equity in particular show the need to better explain what they do for the real economy and ordinary people, while fintech as a term in itself clearly does not mean anything to consumers despite having been a buzz word within industry circles in recent years.'