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In a world first, Toyota has tweeted a step-by-step guide to building its Auris hybrid model at its Burnaston factory in Derbyshire.

The Factory to Forecourt project started with the arrival of steel in coils, weighing up to 45 tonnes each, and ended when the car was ready to leave the production line, after a quick check 'in the final light tunnel.'

Hundreds of tweets provided a detailed explanation of the 825 processes required to turn the steel into a road worthy car over a 14 hour period. The tweets were supported by an online resource of videos, photographs and interviews with specialists at the factory.

The Toyota Production System is a globally renowned business philosophy that has been adopted by thousands of businesses worldwide and not just within automotive and manufacturing. In the UK, for example, the National Health Service has used it to help improve its quality control processes. The Factory to Forecourt project has been designed to provide a valuable educational resource, for school and further education students alike, across a wide range of disciplines.

The project is now covered in Toyota's blog.