Thirteen phrases clients hate hearing from agencies Article icon


13 easy ways to upset your client

  1. We're terribly sorry but Derek, our new assistant, accidentally left those confidential documents on the train

  2. Sorry not to have called you back, but one of my other clients is having a torrid time of late. Takes all my time at the moment.

  3. Your key account executive is leaving tomorrow, but don't worry, we've reassigned a new person to manage the account. We're sure you'll get on fine.

  4. I'll give your CEO a call to help explain things...

  5. It's technically not a special project, but we don't feel it falls under the retainer either. How would you feel about a special one-off fee?

  6. Would you really class them as a competitor? We don't think they are, but I assure you that we could manage with Chinese walls.

  7. Why can't you move your financial results?

  8. Yes, I know that's what WE agreed, but our CEO spoke directly to your chairman...

  9. You know those quotes that we agreed weren't quite right? Well, there's been a slight problem here and Jonny accidentally sent them to the press.

  10. We'd like to introduce you to our sister agency.

  11. Yes, I know we came up with the idea, but it seems nobody wants to go on the press trip.

  12. The AVEs on this campaign are amazing.

  13. It's time to increase your fee.