Six lessons communicators can learn from Love Island 2019 Article icon


Being glued to the TV for two months has to have taught us some things...

1. Don't lie

If there is one thing that Love Island has taught us this year, it’s that liars always get caught out and no amount of dramatic, defensive wine-spilling can get you out of that (you might even call it ‘chaldish!’, eh, Michael?). Make sure you communicate honestly and transparently lest you find yourself, at best, becoming a meme for the wrong reasons, or at worst, being hated on by most of the Internet.

2. Be accountable.

If you do get caught cracking on with something you shouldn’t, don’t siphon off the blame elsewhere. As Jordan found out when his girlfriend Anna confronted him for going to another girl behind her back, excuses don’t cut it. Actions speak for themselves, and apologising in a meaningful way, that acknowledges wrongdoing and impact on others, is the only way to approach forgiveness. Remember - your customers have the receipts!

3. Two-way dialogue is key. 

Always pull your stakeholders for chats first before making big decisions! When Lucie confessed her feelings for Tommy, Tommy averted disaster with his beau Molly-Mae by immediately making his love for her clear. On the other hand, Curtis advised Jordan to talk to new girl India about their ‘connection’ before he spoke to his official other half Anna, lest the latter kick off. This quickly proved to be terrible advice. Anna, who would have been hurt by Jordan’s actions in any case, was doubly hurt as a result of his lack of transparency. Be clear, and remember that many people have a stake in what you do. Your actions matter to them too. 

4. Don’t underestimate loyalty

The men of this series of Love Island have been...questionable, at best. But the girls have been there for each other every step of the way. They (Amber, especially) proved that a bond once forged is hard to break and they are willing to stand up for each other should anyone try to. People will fight for what they care about...

5. Walk the walk

...But they will be disappointed if you don’t do the same. When Michael was at his meanest towards Amber post-Casa Amor, it hurt her to see her friends laughing with him. Respect those who are most loyal to you, because they will be the stakeholders who have your back in a crisis. 

6. Be yourself

Basketball player Ovie came into the villa during the latter stages of the competition but he quickly stole the nation’s hearts, one bucket hat at a time. He is the best example of authenticity bringing people together, even if he makes references to films most of us uneducated have to Google. Authenticity is hard to achieve if you think too much about it, but as Ovie proves, when you speak from the heart, people will listen.