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For big multi-nationals, the latest digital technologies to support internal communication might be a given, but it’s not always so easy in smaller companies with more limited resource. 

Thankfully, at Vectura, a robust business case and senior leaders’ openness to new ideas paved the way for the launch of a new social intranet just six months ago. And thank goodness for that.

In the current COVID-19 crisis, there’s no way we can deliver the level of communication, connectivity and support for our 450 colleagues across five sites in five countries without it.

From reaction to Downing Street’s press conferences, to impromptu videos from execs in their homes… To virtual birthday parties, pub quizzes and everything in between, we’re connecting our colleagues like never before.

A pulse survey revealed 93 per cent of our employees felt well informed by the intranet and our daily updates.

And our technological advances have not ended there.

Amazingly, our IT team launched Microsoft Teams during the lockdown, and we did our first virtual all-employee town hall using it only recently. We had a 90 per cent participation rate and our CEO took questions in a real time live chat, responding to colleagues’ concerns with a level of transparency and pace that we’d not seen before.

What’s the lesson? If nothing else, the pandemic has legitimised the business case for smaller companies to have digital platforms in place to ensure colleagues can be supported, connected and informed when it matters most.

As Richard Bramwell, our internal communications director said: ‘What we have enabled confirms what communicators have known for a long time: employees truly value accessible, authentic communication from leaders who are visible.’

At Vectura, technology has given us that visibility and connection. Amid the uncertainty of this ongoing crisis, one thing is clear: there’s no going back.