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Most Dyno: Six second saviours
Agency: Cubaka

The UK’s largest plumbing and drains network Dyno wanted to find a meaningful way to connect and engage with consumers. But it was also aware that its offering could be viewed as dull and boring, until the point when a burst pipe or blocked toilet made consumers sit up and pay attention.

When Dyno approached agency Cubaka it had two objectives: establish a Twitter presence and find a way to connect with people while demonstrating the company’s abilities as a home emergency service.

Initially, Dyno just listened. It spent time surveying Twitter only to discover that thousands of people took to the platform every day to ask for help and advice on finding a plumber to help them. But 98 per cent of these requests were ignored by professional plumbers, partly because the sector is filled with local firms without the capacity to monitor social media, which created an opportunity for national business Dyno.

Cubaka created a Twitter outreach programme that made Dyno relevant to people in their time of need. Firstly, the agency implemented a social listening programme that identified and classified different types of customers: there were those who sought advice so they could try to fix the problem before calling a plumber, and those who needed a plumber immediately.

In the main, those who sought advice had one of three problems: a blocked toilet, blocked shower or a blocked sink. Cubaka created three six-second videos that demonstrated the quickest, most effective ways to solve each problem. The cartoon-like Vine video series, which was called Six Second Saviours, was seeded out to people the moment they tweeted about their plumbing issue.

Similarly, those customers who needed emergency assistance received a tweet offering help, which contained a trackable link back to the online booking page on

The Twitter strategy had had a major impact on Dyno’s reputation, and established the social media platform as a new sales channel. Its conversion rate currently stands at 12. 5 per cent. Negative sentiment towards Dyno has more than halved, while it recorded the largest increase in positive brand sentiment among its competitors in the six months to December 2015. It is now second in the plumbing and drains category when comparing positive brand sentiment.

Its reach on Twitter increased almost six fold in the nine months to December 2015, while mentions on social channels increased 86 per cent leading to a 20 per cent increase in share of voice. Almost 8,000 people were rescued by Six Second Saviour videos in the 11 months until February, and the Vines are driving meaningful engagement.

The judges felt this was a ‘great concept’, adding: ‘They have clearly done their research and found their audience, creating innovative shareable content that can be re-used.’