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Monsterati What is a Kronkiwongi?
The LEGO Group
Partner: Facebook’s Creative Shop

While some parents may see LEGO© toys as a collection of pre-defined sets with prescriptive instructions, they are – at their heart – toys that are meant to inspire creativity and offer endless opportunities for play.

The objective of the What is a Kronkiwongi? campaign was to remind parents about the essential qualities of LEGO©, and to remind them that the brand stands for imagination and creativity.

Targeting the campaign at mothers across 15 mature and emerging markets, and aware that she is likely to check Facebook on her mobile around 16 times every day, LEGO© collaborated with Facebook’s Creative Shop to develop a series of short documentary-style videos for social media.

The unscripted documentaries followed children from different cultures in their UK homes building a ‘Kronkiwongi’. It is something that does not exist. There is no dictionary definition for a Kronkiwongi; the children had to describe what their creations were.

The films were delivered to Facebook news feeds of mums in 15 markets, including France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Pakistan and Peru. Mothers and children were also invited to share their Kronkiwongis on LEGO©’s Facebook page.

The films were also sent to consumer and trade media, while Kronkiwongi kits were sent to key influencers across the world, encouraging them to build and share their efforts.

LEGO© initially defined success for the campaign as reaching 20 million mothers in its target markets; in the event, it reached 24 million – or 80 per cent of those on Facebook. The videos were watched 37 million times, while a further 3.3 million LEGO© fans were reached organically. And engagement on the LEGO© Facebook page was 61 per cent during the campaign period, while the brand enjoyed a 92 per cent share of voice across all markets within the toys and games category.

The judges were ‘really impressed’ by the global reach of this campaign, and the volume of user-generated content. It was fun and creative, and achieved excellent results. But it is the recipient of this year’s Monsterati Trophy because LEGO© has found a way to link new technology with old technology. Across the world, thousands of children can explain to their friends what a Kronkiwongi is, and their friends can disagree and describe it as something else. LEGO© has used Facebook to reignite children’s imaginations by taking them away from screens and back to old-fashioned game playing.