FTSE 100 organisations are not media friendly Article icon


More than one in four organisations in the FTSE 100 do not have a contact number for their press office displayed on the media relations sections of their corporate websites, new research by CorpComms Magazine has discovered.

Of those organisations that do provide a way to get in touch via phone, 34 have a general press office number but 48 provide direct lines to one or more people working in their communications team. Just nine - Barclays, Centrica, Direct Line, Glencore, Kingfisher, Next, Prudential and Worldpay - provide both a general number plus direct lines. Johnson Matthey also provides such contact information, but it links directly to its financial PR agency.

Insurance group Aviva does not have an out of office number, but provides contact details, including land line, mobile and email address, for every single member of the media team, across all departments, including director of communications Nigel Prideaux. By contrast, Legal & General invites journalists to email members of its press office while RSA Group has phone information for two members of the media relations team, but mobile information for just one.

While mobile phone company Vodafone does display a contact number for its press office, the landing page on the 'media contacts' invites journalists to complete a contact form. The media relations team promises they will be 'back in contact with you as soon as possible (usually within a few minutes during UK working hours) once you have submitted the form. The other FTSE 100 phone company, BT Group, is better at promoting its own product, but requests that journalists contact the main switchboard number to make contact.

Fewer than half of the 34 firms displaying a general press office number also offer details of an out-of-hours press line. In fact, just 17 FTSE 100 organisations have an out-of-hours press line at all while ITV is the only organisation to provide an out-of-office number, but no other way for journalists with an enquiry to contact it on corporate matters. Indeed, even the press release announcing the arrival of Paul Moore as group corporate affairs and communications director failed to include a contact number, but instead contained the email address of the director of communications Mike Large.