Eight things that lasted longer than Anthony Scaramucci at the White House Article icon


1.       The Cuban Missile Crisis – This pivotal confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union in 1962 lasted 13 days. Scaramucci lasted 10.

2.       Sam Allardyce’s time as England manager – Allardyce served just 67 days as the England Football Team’s manager, only overseeing one match, after being accused of offering advice on flouting FIFA rules on player ownership.

3.       The shortest serving President – Even William Henry Harrison managed to serve 32 days in office.

4.       The West Wing – If you devoted eight hours of your day to The West Wing, it’d take you around two weeks to watch the entire seven series. Something Scaramucci might like to think about now he’s got some free time.

5.       A traffic jam – The longest traffic jam in history lasted for 12 days in Beijing. You’re more likely to get whiplash from the Trump administration than being stuck in that mess.

6.       Hiddleswift – Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift’s shock romance ended in September 2016 after three months. Unfortunately for Scaramucci, Trump’s newest ‘showmance’ wouldn’t last as long.

7.       Carrie the Musical  – Known as one of Broadway’s biggest flops, even Carrie the Musical managed to last for 21 performances before being shut down.

8.       A cold sore  – A cold sore can take up to 12 days on average to clear up. Scaramucci could have had one for the entirety of his tenure – how unfortunate.