Diageo is top FTSE 100 for corporate reporting on social media Article icon


Diageo leads the FTSE 100 when it comes to sharing its financial results on social media by deploying well designed and visually engaging content, a new report claims.

The drinks giant uses a mix of infographics and imagery, which capture the reader's attention and allows Diageo to create content ahead of time and simply add key figures just before release. Its strategy includes a global focus for the first set of posts, followed by regional figures and imagery. The report states: 'This type of owned content also allows Diageo to control the visual narrative of its results.' Along with BP, which ranked second, Diageo also shares its results on Instagram. 

The sixth Social Divide in the City: breaking away from the pack, which is produced by FTI Consulting, found that the top ten FTSE 100 companies using social media to announce their results had each achieved more than 1,000 engagements across a range of channels. 

The report considers how each company approaches its financial results on social media, analysing the volume of results-related content, its quality and also the impact of such posts.

Almost three in four - 72 - companies, up six on last year, now share their results on Twitter, making it the platform of choice, but half also use LinkedIn. Engagement levels on LinkedIn averaged 105 per post, against 72 on Twitter.  The top companies also leverage off their employees' networks to drive interaction and spread information. FTSE 100 companies are increasingly using different types of content, such as short videos, animations and fact cards, as well as live streaming results announcements. Video content is often posted several times over the week following results, with some companies using paid targeting of video content within Twitter to boost audience reach. 

FTI's guide to financial reporting on Twitter

1)     #Hashtag: include an original and consistent hashtag for all tweets. It will provide context and make them easier to find. 8-20 characters

2)    #Cashtag: use your company's stock symbol as a cashtag. 4-5 characters

3)    Rich media: include multimedia content - videos, images and graphics - to relay financial information in an engaging and accessible way. 0 characters

4)    Link: include a shortened link to a report, video, article or other source of financial information. 22 characters

5)    Tweet: ensure that each tweet is informative, concise and accessible and of use or interest to your audience.