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Gareth Jeffreys, social media manager at Toyota GB, answers six questions about the car manufacturer's social media strategy

Which platforms work best for your organisation? Do some work better at different times of the day/week or for different messages?  
In-house managed blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.  Increasingly we create content specific to the platform rather than 'shoehorning' an image to any platform. The best times to post are looked at weekly and change according to content type and audience activity.

How often do you try to issue social media messages?  

As a department we publish on average just more than 300 new pieces of content per brand (Toyota and Lexus) per month, excluding replies and conversations. While around 60 per cent are on Twitter, the rest are across owned platforms.

What successes have you seen?

Notably, [our biggest successes have been] the ones where social content has gained broad reach and engagement by harnessing public relations channels and/or  titles and clever use of promotional budget.

Have you evolved your social media strategy over the period?
It’s social so by definition it has and will continue to evolve. Our strategy continues to follow suit taking notice of new tech, features, trends, news and resources.

What lessons have you learned?
Without a close working relationship with the marketing function of your business, you could run the risk of using social only as high reach, sales channels. Never lose sight of engagement and one-to-one conversations - your reputation depends on it

What advice would you give others starting out in social media?
Don’t forget your customers and the very audiences you’ve started a conversation with by posting content.  They are your priority so be prepared to be online and ready to engage, when they are ready to do the same.