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Which platforms work best for your organisation?

We use Facebook for a magazine broadcast perspective, Twitter from a service perspective. LinkedIn is for opinion pieces, and Instagram from a consumer perspective and to reach a more female audience. We use YouTube too and have dipped our toes in Periscope.


Do some work better at different times of the day/week or for different messages?

Twitter is good around real-time moments, such as Children in Need [with whom we are partners]. That’s where the conversation is going to be. Facebook is good across evening and weekends. Instagram works best in the day time across the board and on weekends.

We typically give more advice on Twitter than on Facebook. Customers ask lots of us there. Facebook is more magazine-type competitions.


How often do you try to issue social media messages?

We post every day. It depends on the campaign period - around Christmas, we’ll post two times a day. We’re a national brand, rooted in Britain so talking about cultural events and very British things always do really well. Customers expect it from us.


How has your social media strategy evolved over the period?

 We’ve become more visual. We used Facebook Live over summer and are moving towards more clean, crisp video.


What advice would you give others starting out in social media?

 There’s no harm in testing and learning to see where the opportunities lie and adding that to your strategy.


Don’t forget about paid media. We’ve found it hard to grow an audience on Instagram - don’t think because you’ve got loads of money, it will come naturally.  You still need to work on broader engagement.


There’s an increase in private messaging of 128 per cent year on year, with the rise of direct messages on Twitter and Facebook Messenger. With only a 16.3 per cent growth on public messages, [private messaging] seems to be where the customers are. That’s too big an opportunity to miss.

Don’t be afraid to change plans part way through. Platforms change weekly - if you’re not being nimble, you’re not taking the opportunities out there.