Britain’s workforce confident in leadership... but worrying signs on the horizon Article icon


Almost seven in ten UK workers feel confident in the approach that their leaders are taking in the crisis while 87 per cent believe they have been kept informed about the steps that businesses are taking during the pandemic, a new report has found.

Confidence and motivation are stronger in those businesses where leaders have been visible during the crisis, where wellbeing initiatives have been put in place and where pride has been engendered by community action and support for social causes.

However, the report also suggests that many businesses are struggling with creating fit-for-purpose solutions for prolonged periods of remote working, which could lead to a decline in employee sentiment.

The analysis, UK plc and Covid-19: How the workforce is feeling, by employee engagement specialists Karian and Box, quizzed almost 76,000 employees across more than 30 businesses.  It found that the mood is finely balanced: 45 per cent of workers feel calm while 42 per cent feel anxious. Similarly, while 46 per cent may be optimistic, this means that more than half feel pessimistic or are neutral.

More than half - 53 per cent - of those surveyed feel supported, but three in ten feel vulnerable and one in four are demotivated. The report believes this poses a real threat to business health as demotivation is the ‘clearest direct blocker of productivity’.