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Customer first corporate storytelling

RSA Group


Having undergone great changes in recent years, insurance giant RSA Group wanted to underline its commitment to putting customers first, while helping to strengthen the brand. For the first time, the corporate website was a key part of the strategy.

As a result, the old website – which lacked engaging content and had poor navigation – was completely overhauled. Together with a new digital approach, the website was designed to represent the best elements of the brand: transparency, trust and clarity of information. It was designed with a focus on modularity and flexibility.

The page load was optimised for first time and repeat views to deliver content faster than ever before. Download times are now just 1.15 seconds, well above the industry average.

The Thread was developed, which allows RSA Group to publish thought leadership, expert advice and other resources for customers, partners and investors. Moving away from copy-heavy pages, the website is designed as an immersive platform with the ability to host animations, infographics and other rich media alongside traditional copy.

Over the past year, for example, it has carried an interactive infographic entitled ‘The cost of running a home’ and opinion pieces on the impact of driverless cars. As an example of its desire to be more open and transparent, RSA Group also created an online glossary to explain commonly searched for technical terms.

The Thread has proved highly successful. Social sharing rose 277 per cent over the past year, while annual views are up one third. There was also a 20 per cent rise in annual report downloads. ‘This was a clearly designed, easily accessible website,’ said the judges. ‘It has good content, and the metrics for page load times are impressive.’