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Don't go to Bradford

University of Bradford

Students considering the University of Bradford are often deterred because they hear the city is boring and has a poor nightlife. But when they attend the university’s Open Day, such preconceptions were dispelled. Indeed, 65 per cent of potential students who attended the Open Days claim their opinion of the city was either better or much better after their visit.

This revelation prompted the university’s communications team to create a video called Don’t Go to Bradford, featuring students reciting the negative comments they had heard about the city before the film revealed a diverse, vibrant, modern looking community. It ended with the sign off ‘Come to Bradford’.

The film was released on 10 August 2016, a week before A level results, and was shared organically by staff, students, prospective students and production partners. On the first day of its release, Don’t Go to Bradford had been retweeted three times more than the university’s average post on Twitter. There were also more than 100 independent tweets.

Within nine months, the video had achieved 7,000 views on Facebook and 35,000 views on YouTube. The communications team had set itself a target of 2,000 views before Freshers’ Week, but actually achieved 13,000. It also saw a 90 per cent increase in October Open Day attendees while 13 per cent of clearing applicants watched the video via email.

‘Nice imagery and a film with great personality. I thought this achieved great results,’ said the judges.