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Jennifer's Wedding


Agency: MerchantCantos

How does a global bank demonstrate to its employees and customers that it is both diverse and inclusive? HSBC NOW chose to tell a real life love story featuring its Taiwanese employee Jennifer Chang.

Chang works for HSBC in Taiwan where same sex marriages are illegal. Her parents were also very disapproving of her 11-year lesbian relationship with Sam, telling her girlfriend to ‘get lost’ when they visited. When her father refused to walk Chang down the aisle for her wedding ceremony, John Li, chief executive of HSBC Taiwan, stepped in.

The HSBC NOW team created a highly personal film about the couple, the obstacles they faced and their excitement at getting married. Chang spoke about how they worried about coming out and the ramifications it might have on their careers. She feared clients would stop doing business with HSBC. In the event, clients and colleagues proved overwhelmingly supportive.

The film was aired on HSBC NOW’s Intranet and externally on YouTube and Twitter. As employees watched the film, they began to share it. Soon Jennifer’s Wedding was picked up by media outlets, such as Mashable, Bored Panda, the Daily Mail, Huffington Post and Pink News. The video received 12.2 million views and more than 300,000 shares across online media outlets, more than 1.1 million views on HSBC NOW’s YouTube channel and 4,990 likes plus 59,341 impressions on HSBC NOW Twitter. ‘A brave, low budget film with a great message,’ said the judges. ‘It achieved great cut through.’