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Best Do the #Hakarena
Jacamo (part of N Brown Group plc)
Agency: BJL

Official sponsors spent in excess of £10 million to be associated with the 2015 Rugby World Cup and promote their wares to its global audience. Jacamo did not have millions of pounds to spend, but the menswear brand wanted a connection with arguably the biggest sporting event of last year. Its solution was to create a fun video-led campaign to engage an online audience.

England rugby star Matt Dawson was recruited to set the tone with a serious and authoritative introduction. The video panned across preparations for a match, as Dawson discussed the ‘major obstacle’ to England’s potential success: the All Blacks, with their secret weapon, the famous Haka, used to intimidate competitors. But England, he claimed, had its own secret weapon, the Hakarena.

Dawson, accompanied by 15 amateur rugby players, then danced the Hakarena, a blend of the Haka and the Macarena, wearing England rugby tops on sale at Jacamo ‘to put the All Blacks off their rhythm’.

The video was posted on Facebook and Twitter just before the tournament started. In just five days, it had generated 2.3 million views. Fans retweeted, shared and parodied the Hakarena, sending it trending at number one in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. The film was also picked up by the BBC, ITV, Fox and CNN.

It achieved more than 2,000 items of global press coverage, including articles on the sports pages claiming that the All Blacks team were ‘furious’. It was even debated in the New Zealand Parliament. And, at a live television press conference, both England and the All Blacks were asked about the video 11 times. More importantly, on the day of its release, there was a 48 per cent increase in visitors to Jacamo’s online store.

At the outset, the campaign’s objectives had been to engage an online audience, piggy back off the Rugby World Cup, get Jacamo onto the sports pages and to prove the value of a PR campaign to investors in parent company N Brown Group.

The judges felt Jacamo achieved all these and ‘created a fun idea, a great way to get exposure in the media at a difficult time’.