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Delivering outstanding customer service though social media

Toyota GB
Agency: Cubaka

Over the past year, Toyota GB has reshaped its social media operations with one objective in mind: it wants to make it as easy as possible for anybody, from prospects to fans and owners, to connect with the car company.

Toyota GB started by increasing its team of community managers to four full-time members, who operate between 7am and 10pm during the week with four hour shifts at the weekend. Working alongside the media relations team, the community managers are the first to learn of breaking news, new models, campaigns and personnel changes. They also hold daily meetings with customer relations and technical departments to ensure that customers’ queries are resolved speedily, feeding back any online conversation that may require other divisions to get involved.

The community managers now attend product training courses to familiarise themselves with each one of Toyota’s range of 15 cars and light commercial vehicles. A new social media management tool, Falcon, also displays all online conversations in one place, showing who is managing each query.

Alongside the community management team, Toyota GB has recruited a dedicated content team of three people who create written and video content for its blog and six social media channels, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube, on a daily basis. This might range from a short article to a suite of films helping customers with their car, accessory or service-related query. Its blog has also been updated, with two new sections ‘Ownership’ and ‘How to’, which carry a series of specially made videos providing answers to popular queries and at least two or three new articles a day.

Toyota GB is also keen to make itself more accessible by looking for new ways to get people involve and provide access to experts specialising in a range of topics. An example of this was when it handed over control of its Twitter account on 4 November to student employees to show potential candidates what it is like to work within the organisation.

Using the hashtag #TGBLife, the employees shared content, including videos, and answered questions. The campaign was promoted by universities and dealerships. It reached 65,000 Twitter accounts. The same approach is being used to speak to people interested in a career with Toyota GB.

The judges loved the comprehensive approach taken by Toyota GB, and felt that it both understood its customer needs but also had developed an approach that shared their passion for cars.