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Mitie Group

Agency: Luminous

Mitie stands for ‘Management Incentive Through Investment Equity’, and the business model focused on taking an equity stake of up to 49 per cent in an entrepreneurial business that wishes to be part of its outsourcing facilities management group.

Mitie, a FTSE 250 company with annual revenues in excess of £2 billion, helps the businesses grow over five to ten years, before making an outright acquisition. It has run more than 100 such partnerships over the past 27 year, with a 95 per cent success rate.

The problem with such a structure, from a brand perspective, is that it can lead to the company being seen, both internally and externally, as a diverse set of business or divisional brands. As the group continues to acquire new businesses, its interaction with new customers is complicated as the divisions often retain brand relationships. But the prevailing group brand dated back to the company’s inception 27 years ago.

The solution was to create a coherent group brand, which delivered a consistent visual experience across all areas of the business, from signage to livery to uniform to marketing and print collateral.

A series of internal and customer workshops were held to discuss the prevailing brand hierarchy and strategy. Competitors were analysed. Focus groups and customer interviews discussed what the Mitie brand stood for. And a comprehensive brand audit of all Mitie’s businesses was conducted.

Each element of the brand, from colour, layout and font, were considered and discussed, leading to the commissioning of a special cut of the Megallanes font to ensure a unique brand image.

The new brand carries the Mitie name in lower case lettering beneath pink, purple and orange spheres, which its claims ‘reflects the company’s vision to inspire change in the way people live and work’. The new logo and brand identity is said to be more in keeping with the shift in Mitie’s labour force from a largely blue-collar manual workforce to a modern services employee base.

Reflecting Mitie’s desire to see the brand at the heart of every employee and customer, Luminous also designed badges, cufflinks, stickers and water bottles.

Since its rebranding in February, research has revealed prompted customer awareness of the Mitie Group has increased by 37 per cent while unprompted awareness rose 42 per cent, leading to a 29 per cent increase in visits to The majority of staff – 87 per cent – view the new brand as a ‘significant improvement’, while 71 per cent said it made them proud to work for the group.

‘This was a well-executed rebranding,’ said the judges. ‘Simply beautiful.’