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Asendia is an international logistics company formed as a partnership between La Poste and Swiss Post in 2012, which delivers packages to 220 countries and employs 1,500 people worldwide. As a new business bringing together employees across 15 countries and two head office locations, the development of a single culture and set of values was key to its success.

The Think Tank was appointed to create an internal campaign that would communicate the company’s core values of trust, ease of use and friendliness and provide a platform for ongoing employee engagement.

Campaign literature was produced, which outlined the meaning of each value, and carried the strapline Just ask…what you can do.

A values pack was created, which included briefing notes, questionnaires to facilitate team discussions, leaflets, recognition postcards, awards posters and a Lego set. These were delivered to managers throughout the company.

Over the next three months, managers were invited to host team sessions where they viewed the Asendia Values video and then discussed what these values meant to them, their role and how they could improve to use them in their day-to-day work.

Each team was then invited to create a structure or scene from Lego that best visualised the values for them. In total, 85 out of 110 teams entered Lego structures that were uploaded online onto Asendia’s intranet. Staff were then invited to vote on the structures, with a prize awarded to the winning one.

The Think Tank also launched the Super-Asendian Awards to celebrate employees who demonstrate the company’s values within their organisation. More than 80 nominations have been received to date.

A follow up survey of managers revealed that 100 per cent believed that the objectives of the values kit were clear and understandable, and 95 per cent found them useful support in their discussion groups. And 100 per cent of managers said their teams now know and understand Asendia’s values.

‘This was imaginative, clever, playful and fun,’ said the judges. ‘And it delivers the serious message clearly.’