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Cyber Investigator Chronicles


Agency: Brands2Life

When digital security business Gemalto acquired cyber firm Safenet, it wanted a campaign that would build credibility and allow it to insert itself into relevant conversations with customers and prospects. The solution came in the form of a 26-page comic book Cyber Investigator Chronicles, which told the story of an organisation’s response to a breach.

Agency Brands2Life created a multi-channel campaign, with the comic book at its heart, that told the complete story of a cyber attack, looking at hackers’ motivations, the importance of encryption and why companies need to take security seriously.

Gemalto’s chief technology officer helped guide the narrative, fact checking techniques that were used in the comic. He also starred in videos that explained how hackers get past corporate and personal cyber defences and moderated a live webchat with cyber security influencers.

A social campaign across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn drew on the strength of the creative, with animated adverts targeting Gemalto’s key audience of senior managers who undervalue security. A quiz that matched participants’ personality traits with those of hackers was also released on social media while a series of blog posts that complemented the campaign were posted on Gemalto’s website.

The Cyber Investigator Chronicles proved to be the best paid media campaign ever run by Gemalto, with a click through rate more than eight times its average from the previous year, and a cost per click of just three cents.

The social campaign drove almost two million impressions of the comic book, and 54,000 click throughs to a landing site within six weeks. The blogs had an organic reach of 640 views and 250 shares, while 100 people took the quiz. During the 90-minute webchat, 194 comments were posted with a potential reach of 467,000 and 7,200 views of the discussion. ‘This was a nice creative idea, with a strong call to action,’ said the judges. ‘Clear objectives, good measurement and results and just that little bit different.’