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adidas wanted an ongoing campaign that resonated with the women’s training community, putting the brand right at its heart. It needed to create a platform that would engage the audience over a prolonged period.

When agency Hope&Glory started to study this community, it found that members identified with social influencers, often following and replicating their lifestyle choices. By collaborating with such influencers, and creating inspiring ‘snackable’ content, it hoped to engage the women’s training community.

It started by turning adidas’ Facebook page into a virtual gym, creating workout videos involving key influencers. The agency had noticed, however, that adidas fans would comment on films featuring one girl demonstrating exercises, suggesting to friends that they should try out the moves. All told, 78 per cent of videos produced on behalf of adidas featuring solo demonstrations carried similar messages.

The solution, it decided, was to create ‘buddy workouts’ so that friends could work out together. The first Buddy Workout featured yoga teacher and personal trainer Charlotte Holmes, one of the top influencers on Twitter with almost 19,000 followers on Instagram, and Faya Nilsson, a personal trainer with 50,000 subscribers to her fitness blog and more than 125,000 followers on Instagram.

The series of six videos delivered more than 1.2 million views across Facebook, and generated 1,300 engagements with the content.

After this successful launch, Holmes and Nilsson hosted a live workout on Facebook, interacting in real time with their audience. More than 17,000 people tuned into Facebook Live to watch the broadcast, from a studio in Shoreditch, while an additional 5,000 watched the recording. There were more than 650 engagements during the broadcast, and the final reach of that campaign was 121,000 people.

After noticing that ‘HIT workouts’ was a popular search term used by the women’s fitness community, Hope&Glory paired 25-year-old personal trainer Tally Rye and fitness blogger Adrienne TMM to create a series of HIT workouts. Two other pairings followed. Hope&Glory also worked with the influencers to create content that could be used across their channels and those of adidas to drive further reach and traffic. 

In total, the Buddy Workouts have been watched more than 4.4 million times across adidas Facebook, delivered more than 53,000 engagements – a number that actually tripled over the course of the activity, and reached 15.3 million people.

There were also more than 150 Instagram posts from influencers over the course of the campaign, which reached more than 2.4 million people. Versions of the films used by the stars on their own Instagram feeds clocked up an additional 430,000 views. ‘This was an innovative and well thought through campaign,’ said the judges. ‘Great use of influencers.’