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Agency: Freestyle Interactive

Despite being one of the world’s leading suppliers of adhesive products, Bostik found that visitors to its old website just weren’t sticking around. It wanted a new site that ser ved customers better, inspired job seekers to get in touch, showcased its product range and information and brought all the countr y websites into one .com space. It also wanted to use the new website to integrate and communicate its new Bostik brand.

Agency Freestyle Interactive conducted a series of workshops across Bostik’s international operations, identifying how customers experienced the brand online, what they needed from a website and how they acted through the customer lifecycle.

The first step was to identify the audiences that would use the site. These were themed into construction (architects and interior designers); industrial (production managers and material engineers); consumer (home owners or retail buyers); and job seekers.

The original website was completely overhauled, changing the page layout and navigation ser vice to ensure that customers found the right place on the website immediately. Global content was also adapted to ensure it would work for local needs, ensuring a smooth transition between the global and countr y websites. New content was also created to match the needs of prospective customers, which led to a series of inter views with Bostik specialists that were optimised for search.

A central librar y was created, which allows each countr y to repurpose content for their needs before publication, while flexible website templates allowed countries to tailor their layouts and test and optimise per formance. The website rolled out across 34 countries.

Bostik set out five core digital aims, each of which contained individual key per formance indicators, totalling 25 indicators. Within 25 days of launch in Februar y 2016, visits to the website had risen 23 per cent while visitor numbers rose more than 11 per cent. These visitors spent more time (up more than 17 per cent) and visited more pages (up more than three per cent) than before. Visitors from mobile phones and tablets also rose significantly.

Bostik also moved up the Google Search rankings. Where previously 90 per cent of its key words did not rank in the top 10 0

Google positions, within 25 days, eight of its products, such as embossing resins and load floor adhesive, ranked in the top ten, with three in the number one position.

‘This new website makes a dull product really exciting,’ said the judges. ‘It is a nice, robust design with sound and thorough methodology. This sets a standard for corporate websites.