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Worcester Bosch
Agency: drpdigital

Worcester Bosch needed a complete overhaul of its website that demonstrated its strong technological links, highlighted the online tools available to its accredited installers and provided an easily accessible resource for professionals, customers and consumers. The manufacturer of heating and hot water appliances also wanted visits to the new site to be at least 50 per cent more than to its predecessor.

drpdigital started by reviewing how the former website was used by consumers and installers, identifying common searches. This provided information to enhance or develop four new features: find an installer, a troubleshooting tool, an ErP tool and a guarantee registration app.

The ‘find an installer’ feature allows customers to simply type in their postcode to find the details of all Worcester Bosch accredited installers in their area. Their areas of speciality, from gas boilers to cylinders, are immediately highlighted. Customers can simply click through to make contact.

The troubleshooting tool is designed to take pressure off Worcester Bosch’s support staff. A series of ‘frequently asked questions’ and ‘helpful videos’ are also available. Customers are asked a series of yes, no questions about their issue, which should end in them solving the problem but if it is more serious, they are given a code and the number of an adviser who has all their details.

The ErP tool has taken all the complicated calculations related to energy efficiency and legislation for each product in the range, and created easily accessible labels that customers can print out. The guarantee registration app allows accredited installers to simply scan the serial code of the products they are using to instantly register them with the manufacturer. The app uses geo-location to recognise the installation address and the process takes no longer than five minutes.

In the final three months of 2015, the site generated 6,790 sales leads through ‘find an installer’ compared to just 3,638 during the same period a year earlier while the trouble shooter tool helped in excess of 32,000 customers. And, on average, one in five product registrations take place through the app.

The site also acts as a repository for 7,000 brochures, manuals and instruction guides. Previously it took installers at least six seconds to download one; it now takes 0.5 seconds.

The site has experienced a 66 per cent increase in usage by accredited installers, while mobile traffic has risen 1,767 per cent and tablet usage by 165 per cent. ‘Good stakeholder identification, and the results align back with impressive numbers,’ said the judges.