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Agency: Emperor Design

Mubadala, which means ‘exchange’ in Arabic, is an infrastructure and development company that was established 12 years ago by the Government of Abu Dhabi. It is an active investor in sectors and geographies that offer potential and tangible returns, working in partnership with a number of world-class organisations, such as GE Capital and Imperial College London.

In doing so, Mubadala is expanding the economic base of the Emirate and contributing to its growth and diversification.

Mubadala wanted an online annual review that would offer an engaging and interactive overview of the year that could also be used as its principal marketing tool. The strategy was to focus on where Mubadala is headed, recognising its role in supporting the Abu Dhabi government’s socio-economic priorities, and also to highlight its achievements and build up awareness and understanding of its role.

The online annual review, which is available in both English and Arabic, uses clear imagery, infographics to depict Mubadala’s activities and an interactive map to explain the broad range of its investments and international partnerships. By clicking on sector icons within the report, the user is taken to relevant information which is supported by clear photography and illustrations.

The judges felt the report offered ‘a clear explanation’ of Mubadala’s business model, and was ‘highly engaging’ with a range of ‘personal view’ articles that brought the story to life.