Are employees connecting with their company's values? Article icon


Almost four in ten British workers do not know either what their company stands for or what it represents, a new report has revealed. And when it comes to British millennials: one in two is unclear as to their employer’s values.

Barriers to Employee Engagement, a new study from Zeno Group, found that as many as 44 per cent of respondents globally are concerned about their company’s mission and values, whilst millennials reported higher levels of concern than their peers. Likewise, employees with children were 37 per cent more likely to be concerned about company values than non-parents.

Such concern is important. Seven in ten employees consider their job to be ‘an important part of their identity’ while 87 per cent want to work for a company where they ‘feel like part of a family’. Indeed, 63 per cent of respondents said they would perform better if their companies articulated values, strategy and direction more clearly.

The report, which surveyed more than 4,500 employees in Singapore, Canada, the US and the UK, also revealed that accelerating technology, work life imbalance and information overload to be the main areas of stress for employees.

Almost two in five UK employees are worried that new technologies could put them out of work, whilst almost three in five struggle with work-life balance. Across all markets surveyed, millennials remains the most concerned about the latter.

But despite such concerns, the majority of respondents believe their companies are ‘not making progress’ on these issues.

Mark Shadle, managing director at Zeno Global corporate affairs, said:  ‘We think it’s a wake-up call but also a real opportunity for management to reset the internal communications agenda, by proactively identifying the true barriers to engagement – the ones that matter most to employees -- and addressing them directly.’