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Air Airlines shaking up in-flight safety video in attempts to entertain passengers

Air New Zealand leads the way in safety videos

Air New Zealand has become the latest airline to shake up its in-flight safety video in an attempt to gain the attention of travel weary passengers - by resorting to bikini clad models.

Safety in Paradise, the airline's most recent offering which has been posted on YouTube, features Sports Illustrated models presenting 'the world's most beautiful safety video', shot on the Cook Islands. The video can be viewed below.

While the video has already gained more than one million views on YouTube, the airline has been criticised over its decision to feature female models in bikinis, with some critics suggesting that that the airline's reputation for creative videos has been lost. In the past, Air New Zealand has produced a variety of alternative safety videos featuring Hobbits, actor Betty White and even a video based on a disco workout.

But Air New Zealand is not the only airline to seek new ways to grab the attention of frequent flyers, while still communicating all the essential safety information required.

CorpComms recently reported on rival airlines' attempts to capture the attention of their audiences, including an 80s themed safety video by Delta Air Lines and an all-singing, all-dancing video from Virgin America.

Meanwhile, Thomson Airways revamped its safety video by casting children as air stewards.

Other airlines may not have produced new videos, but have still shaken up their in-flight safety presentations, including this Dr Seuss-inspired delivery from one WestJet air steward.