CorpComms Awards

Best annual report, private sector 2015

SUEK is one of the largest coal companies in the world, and the leading coal producer and exporter in Russia. Its annual report, which is also produced in Russian, provides a platform for SUEK to position itself as a global business, highlight its competitive advantage and communicate how the coal company is improving and expanding its assets.

The report also reflects international standards and best practice reporting to develop SUEK’s reputation further.

The overall theme was ‘Leadership’, and the title Leader in providing power was chosen to highlight and illustrate SUEK’s leading position in the coal marketplace and its key differentiators, such as its leading position in export markets and ability to reach customers through its own logistics and transportation routes and its leading position as an employer in the coal industry.

The theme is woven throughout the report in editorial headings and introductory paragraphs to ensure a cohesive story is told while visually impactful photography and detailed illustrations of production processes are also used.

It was the clarity of the report that attracted the judges’ attention. They liked the clean line of the graphics that brought complex fi nancial metrics to life and told the story at a glance, and the illustrations that demonstrated SUEK’s business, such as a double page spread explaining the whole production process from mining, through to washing and processing, logistics and sales.

This article first appeared in issue 101